Thank you for being a friend

Last week’s transport was special for a lot of reasons. We loaded our dogs and cats for their journey to their forever homes on Friday among many fantastic volunteers and fosters as well as distinguished guests and visitors. The occasion was the official announcement to the press by Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander that he’d funded the buildout of RPM’s new clinic. This will be a place where our pets pulled from BARC can receive care during their foster stays as well as before transports. The clinic will be named the Jack C. Alexander Building in honor of Mr. Alexander’s late father.

Of course, the day was also special because of all the faces you see below. We save them thanks to generous donors like Mr. Alexander and all of you who provide your time, money, and social media outreach on their behalf.

1. Chance 2. Wannie 3. Wren 4. Chloe 5. Butler 6. Jayla 7. Fleetwood 8. Charity 9. Bailey 10. Keefer 11. Delilah 12. Duke 13. Sedona 14. Philco 15. Lady 16. Pablo 17. Peter 18. Shaggy 19. Skipper 20. Bambi 21. Pixie 22. Pogo 23. Whimsy 24. Codi
1. Howdy 2. Forrest 3. Channing 4. Fresca 5. Evita 6. Paz 7. Pilot 8. Crockett 9. Luby 10. Luby’s puppies Lemon, Lotus, Lupin, Lentil, Lollipop, Lager, and Licorice 11. Buckley 12. Nessa’s puppies Nori, Night, Nan, Nicole, Nick, Ned, Nina, Nyx, and Nita 13. Mufasa 14. Nessa 15. Petey 16. Ripley 17. Dunkirk 18. Sweet Pea 19. Scruffles 20. Emmanuel
1. Blossom 2. Axle 3. Jericho 4. Cuddles 5. Snug 6. Christy 7. Nicholas 8. Zoey 9. Alice 10. Karma 11. Sir 12. Valerie and Q-Ball 13. Shelly and Sally 14. Riddle 15. Heidi 16. Melon 17. Tux 18. Princess 19. Goldie 20. Suzie 21. Shay 22. Sammy 23. Sookie 24. Susan 25. Jacob 26. Salli 27. Shortcake 28. Selena 29. Calloway 30. Casselberry 31. Clermont 32. Cutler 33. Coral 34. Coleman 35. Carrabelle 36. Spike 37. Swoozie

And oops! Sweet Brenna was on the van but was accidentally left out of the photos above.

Brenna, all the other dogs and cats, and we at RPM thank all of you so much for all you do!

2 thoughts on “Thank you for being a friend

  1. alicia - November 17, 2015

    I adopted 3. Channing from 4 Paws 4 Life in Denver. I see he potentially has some siblings! We’d love to meet them or find out where they went.

  2. rescuedpetsmovement - November 21, 2015

    You might go through 4Paws’ FB feed back to that month and see if you see any adoption photos. Sometimes the Colorado foster and forever families will comment on the pictures and you can interact there.

    Some adopters have been known to get together with their dogs’ siblings’ new families. Good luck!

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