Thank you, Tad’s Toys!

At our last transport we were visited by Tiffany and Louis of Tad’s Toys, a local organization that collects donated toys and distributes them to local rescue organizations once a month. Tad’s Toys is named after Tad, a dog who was severely malnourished, hairless from manage, and all but left for dead. Thousands of people pulled together and donated clothes, food, treats, toys, and their love, attention, and prayers. Because of them, Tad is still here today. Although he didn’t know what to do with the toys at first, as his health improved he grew to appreciate the purpose and joy they gave him. Tad is still around today and has his own fan page here:

Tad’s Toys donated enough toys for the 120 dogs and 9 cats that traveled last Thursday, and left even more for us to give to future foster dogs and cats in our program. Thank you VERY much, Tad’s Toys! For more information about Tad’s Toys, please visit their Facebook page here: For more information about donating items to RPM, please visit our donation page here:

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  1. Becky - July 20, 2015

    Awww, look at little Phoenix with his Santa. Sweet!

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