To make life beautiful

Want to see some beautiful faces from last week’s transport to Colorado? We have them!

And here are some beautiful people. Their smiles, tender hands, kind voices, and safe arms are the reason why the RPM dogs and cats know life holds a promise of home. Thank you to them and to everyone else who contributes to finding forever families for our best friends.

2 thoughts on “To make life beautiful

  1. […] The blog post from last week’s transport is up!  Look for my pups: Stormie, Midnight, Shawanda, Lyza and Jewel!  Also, look for a picture of Bonnie, her daughter Casey, and me :).  I had a really upsetting incident Thursday morning (more on that later, maybe) and I was so thankful for Bonnie and Casey’s help with my full car of pups.  Having helping hands (and hugs!) made it so much easier. […]

  2. Marika - May 21, 2014

    Hans is too cute for words!

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