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Remember December at RPM

Remember December

It seems like it’s been a long time since December, but we know you haven’t forgotten all the wonderful dogs and cats who traveled. We’re in the middle of a fundraising campaign to ensure there will be many more photos and journeys for Houston’s homeless pets to go toward their forever homes. (If you want to help, please click here: Donate Now.)

Our Wisconsin partner joined us on the first transport of the month and took these great dogs to their new lives.

1. Emily; Mike; Rayban; Tough Guy; Nellie 2. Bella; Addie; Addie’s puppies Angel, Ava, Addicus, Ainsley, Alexa, Andy, Archie, Asher, Annabelle, Abner; Socrates; Wainwright and Walker 3. Clarissa; Natalie; Natalie’s puppies Naomi, Noah, Nico, Nick, Nala, and Niall; Whitley; Wilson 4. Marla, Maggie, and Macy; Nathaniel; Eileen; Oliver; Mandy 5. Melissa; Theo; Ky; Teresa; Teresa’s puppies Terrence, Tassie, Turbo, Tamala, Toledo, Talulah, and Tiffany

Wadsworth and Wishes skipped the photo table that morning because they were so eager to catch their ride to Wisconsin!

On that same day, these are the dogs and cats who loaded the vans to Colorado.

1. Bellamy; Marietta; Franny; Vitaly; Bernard 2. Stratton; Jolie; Midge; Charming; Iokua 3. Charlie; Rhett; Scarlett; Sealy; Charles 4. Eboni; Fortney and Fletcher; Garrick; Jessie; Lucy 5. Deuce; Hannah; Sandy; Mateo; Eugene 6. Churchill; Melanie; Nike; Waldo; Betty 7. Jaime Lee; Charli; Warren; Yang; Ying 8. Merlot; Tillman; Patina; Kaley; Jesse 9. Lilly; Bloomer; Portia; Adidas; Brendan
1. Ella; Otto; Chip; Bean; Patches 2 and 3. Milo; Fluffy; Patina’s pups Pansy, Pippa, Puzzle, Plum, Pinta, Parson, Pate, and Packard; Buckingham; Beverly; Scrappy 4. Alison; Mario; Bono; Bon Jovi; Bruce 5. Eden; Benji; Nola; Dream; Hannah 6. Jack; Twitch; Roxanne; Annie; Megan 7. Rupert; Sweetie Pie; Lola; Tessa; Laika 8. Frankie; Angel; Robert; Humphrey; Elsie 9. Emily; Sparkie; Romeo; Cookie; Eve, Janey, Jasper, Jaden, and King
1. Anessa; Jason; Sanders; Margie 2. Sayler; Sunny; Star; Gabriela; Chandra 3. Shiraz; Shadow; Bella; La Chompis; Frankie 4. La Chona; Eddie; Emma; Donatello; Lilac 5. Cinnamon; Jellybean and Thor the Destroyer; Faith and Diamond; Grayson; Cocoa, Nutmeg, Pepper, and Saffron 6. Trapper; Micah, Mason, Mazy, and Moses; Benny, Bethany, Cooper, and Estrella

The next week, these great dogs and cats left for their new lives in Colorado.

1. Lucy; Jax; Jeff; Bear; Goldie 2. Dee Dee; Momma; Snickers; Champ; Onyx 3. Gidget; Cooper; Jet; Jessi; Ticktock 4. Taper; Cami; Camile; Carson; Coco 5. Cadillac; Franklin; Cassie; Cooper; Cricket 6. Cecile; Nixon; Kenyon; Reed; Nokia 7. Rex; Goldie; Megan; Marvelous; Gia 8. Diego; Dory; Tute; Snoopy; Celine 9. Freddy; Raina; Raina’s puppies Rheta, Rona, Rina, Ressa, Rusty, Ramses, Reno, Roarke; Mia; Martin
1. Bowser; Violet; Waffles; Pumpkin; Miracle 2. Marbles; Misty; Marley; Sara; Kara 3. Morgan; Milan; Dulce; Morrow; Dandie 4. Daisy; Ahab; Suzanne; Champion; Mia 5. Mac; Majesty; Mami; Helene; Kelley 6. Gunnar; Star Cookie; Wednesday; Gretchen; Hope 7. Sara; Sofia; Regina; Alessia; Berenice 8. Keenan; Risotto; Truman; Serenity; Reese 9. Zoey; Zelda; Gwen; Oswald; Robin
1. Tom; Gwen; Tony; Adrian; Zenith 2. Zed; Gio; Fendi; Fifi; Ferdinand 3. Felix; Foxx; Fiona; Minute 4. Kita; Jack; Minnie; Daisy 5. Beau; Spiegel; Emerald, Eddie; Tamra; Vicki; and Heather; Jess and Jessica; Gizmo 6. Cinnamon and Basil; Sophia; Minka; Renaldo; Sammy 7. Teddy, Sophie, and Tommy; Irene and Anna; Benny; Tig, Fig, and Mig

Our third transport of the month was another big one.

1. Sandy; Tammy; Cecily; Bobi; Poco 2. Howie; Dorothy; Anthony; Valencia; Venus 3. Ace; Flex; Chopper; Britton; Mya 4. Tony; Buckwheat; Peanut; Madison; Rhonda 5. Serena; Sugar; Paco; Paquita; Wyatt 6. Judith’s puppies Jimbo, Jakey, Jaslo, Jock, Jory; Johnny; Jandy; and Jerome; Jojo; Malorie and Marvin; Brock and Toby 7. Rexton; Rebel; Winnie; Whitney; Bella 8. Claudia; Claire; Rhiannon; Bronson; Chloe 9. Duke; Buddy; Julian; Tamara; Holly
1. Canela; Luly; Oreom; Harlan; Pepper 2. Pancho; Posey; Tangle; Twinkle; Pamela 3. Olivia; Ariana; Polly; Jackson; McKenzie 4. Lula; Poppy; Lizzy Lou; Charley; Jonesy 5. Rosie; Carly; Tyler; Gordo; India 6. Jackson; Bunker; Ollie; Mike; Benny 7. Luke and Lane; Snowbell; Kirk; Woodlyn; Dean 8. Chu Chis; October; Nevaeh; Christopher, Finn, and Logan; Jess 9. Sookie; Miriam; Miriam’s puppies Mab, Maddie, Marnie, Melia, Merryn, Minda, Mitch, and Meyer; Ana; Olaf
1. Hal; Billy Bob Joe; Pebbles; Annie 2. Meadow; Skye; Sammie; Perdita 3. Oliver; Pixie aka Waldo; Reece; Sherry; Reuben 4. Serenity; Charity; Jennilee; Ice; Rumer 5. Ridley; Ruffles; Rhodie; Patsy; Mercy 6. Unity; Harmony; Judith; Carly; Bowser 7. Damon; Ariel; Marcus; Maybelle; Lilly 8. Snap, Crackle, and Pop; Davis and Geena; Frankie, Farrah, Felix, Finn, and Franklin; Nala and Zazu

The last transport before Christmas meant these dogs and cats were headed for safe, warm homes in time for the holidays!

1. Nyla; Bianca; Jill; George; Tara aka Pinky 2. Genese; Pelham; Bentley; Rocky; Dante 3. Buddy; Styron; McCoy; Leeza; Oso 4. Garth; Anita; Lola Bunny; Chloe; Kylie 5. Skye; Calvin; Gem; Holly; Lenore 6. Cullen; Susannah; Cookie; Johnson; Falstaff
1. Litter; Batman; Willow; Arthur; Diana 2. Clarabelle; Champ; Sedgewick; Jacob; Jethro 3. Cecile; Linnae; Maggie; Fay; Stevie, Lindsey, and Mick 4. Ross; Joey; Sweet Pea; Pepper: Marshall 5. Telstar; Stella, Coco, and Gaston; Gabe, Georgia, and Gia; Juicy Fruit; Sue 6. Parker and Peter; Monica; Chander; Leda

The last transport of the year was a time to celebrate not only the rescue of these dogs and cats, but all the accomplishments of 2016. We helped BARC finish out the year with a successful second month of their 90-for-90 challenge, with a better than ninety percent save rate for the month of December. As we moved toward 18,000 saved, it was hard to believe we began with a single rental van of dogs in October of 2013. What a great journey this has been!

1. Pepper; Lana; Bingle; Ginger; Chaya 2. Autumn; Debby Lou; Kiara; Boo; Mickey and Jasmin 3. Tammy; Phoebe; Scarlett; Gordo; Rosie 4. Sparkle; Sarah; Sarah’s puppies Sassy, Skar, Starla, Sugar, and Sumo; Holly 5. George; Autumn; Mark Anthony; Betty Boop; Hobbs 6. Casey; Fresi; Falcon; Finka; Kourtney 7. Jerry; Tom; Slade; Pilgrim, Palisade, and Pum Pum; Guiness 8. Gillespe; Gabriela; Kim; Brolly; Rachel 9. Gail; Stella; Joey; Khloe; Devon
1. Cher; Puddin and Cheetos; French Fry; Pickles; Cheerio and Waffles 2. Coral; Shasta; Molly; Molly’s Baby; Isabella 3. Isabella’s puppies Ivan, Inky, Iggy, Ikon, Indira, Ivy, Idol, Icarus, and Iris; Rowena; Renee; Pinky 4. Simba; Nala; Dino; Toby; Irene 5. Trey; Tilton; Bruno; Lorelei; Terrel 6. Traci; Tappo; Calista; Cole; Isabela 7. Roberto, Ricardo, and Reva; Penny; Phoebe, Lizzie, and Gabe; Penny, Pax, and Presley

From all of us to all of our volunteers, donors, transporters, and fosters, THANK YOU!

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November Speels Sweet Memory at RPM

November Spells Sweet Memory

November gave us many reasons to be thankful and celebrate. With more than 450 dogs and cats transported during the month, RPM passed the 17,000 saved milestone! That’s more than 17,000 dogs, cats, and two pigs given their chance at better lives in three years! In addition, BARC’s live release rate for November–the first month of their 90-for-90 challenge–was 91.1 percent! In the world of rescue, that’s a “no kill” number. Congratulations to all the hardworking people at BARC who’ve made this possible with their rescue partnerships and adoptions. We’re so happy to be part of your team!

Our Wisconsin rescue partner came the first week of the month to take these lucky pups to their new homes.

1. Chandler; Lacey; Koda; Rosie 2. Gia; Sadie; Madonna; Marlin 3. Maverick; Melvin; McKenzie; Macie

These are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that week.

1. Lacey; Arwen; Adriana; Matilda; Margeaux 2. Charlie; Charcoal; Siri; Cady; Baby 3. Logan; Magnum; Nancy; Lil Midnight; Sallee 4. Sallee’s puppies Stevie, Silas, Sheba, Stanley, Solon, Spiro, Sookie; Malorie; Duquesa; Teddy 5. Toni; Griselda; Buchanan; Wilco; Peanut 6. Lorelai; Carly; Cutie; Chunky; Saffi 7. Izzy; Finley; Dac; Junebug; Betty Jo 8. Jean; Mark; Lupe; Bismarck; River 9. Marlin; Abagail; Billie Jo; Catrina; Simon and Buttercup
1. Jasper; Fritz; Mable; Brylee; Brian 2. Bria; Floyd; Bizzy; Bobby; Boogy 3. Pumpkin; Bonnie; Berry; Bee Boy; Rambo 4. Maverick; Deigo; Darla; Rita; Mariposa 5. Pelon; Stanley and Shelton; Sneaker; Jagger, Jazlyn, Jodie, Junee, Jessica, and Janna 6. Darla; Darla’s puppies Dereck, Damica, Dawn, Dessa, Dinky, and Dotty; Adam; Mama Mia and her kittens Venus, Benji, Moose, and Big Joey

The second week saw these beautiful, healthy dogs and cats boarding the vans on their way to new lives.

1. Channel; Fawna; Blaze; Blackie; Orson 2. Wallace; Milo; Tonka; Ballerina; Jackpot 3. Jenna; Tragan; Quentin; Otis and Dell; Boomer, Apple, and Ollie 4. Dash; Flap; Cooper; Josh; Fairlea 5. Fairlea’s puppies Flurry, Flash, Frankie, Feivel, Firth, Fonzie, and Fuller; Paris; Nicole; Peaches 6. Morticia; Ricky; Wednesday; Ethel; Fawn
1. Domingo; Mona; Mickey; Cody 2. Milla; Donut; Beidler; Bolt; Porter 3. Patton; Grayson; Archie; Boca 4. Carla; Candy; Luna; Connie; Teena 5. Dino; Beatrice; Coburn; Anabel; Brassy, Bitty, and Bashful 6. Darth; Vader; Aleman; Connor; Colleen 7. Colette; Teller; Tania; Taffy

The next week, Wisconsin was back, helping us continue our mission to solve Houston’s homeless pet problem.

1. Salvador; Yoko and Yummi; Leon; Robo; Roman 2. Kit; William; Wyeth; Dot; Genie 3. Georgia; Amelio; Zaza; Despinda; Theo 4. Blackie; Thomas; Bogart; Hogan

Our busiest transport of the month meant these dogs and cats traveled to Colorado the same day.

1. Gavin; Millie; Millie’s puppies Tubbs, Lil Bit, Comet, Charlotte, Pilot, and Booker; Jade; Brownie 2. Charlie; Lucas; Evangeline; Toby; Corky 3. Gilda; Lulu; Sam; Misha; Chap 4. Dwight; Bill; Wyatt; Papi; Brenda 5. and 6. Brenda’s puppies Bambi, Babs, Brock, Bitsy, Boss, Bolt, Bebe, Bunny, Blondie, Bianca, and Blanca; Calhoun; Matilda; Patsy; Henry 7. Drexel; Maddie; Bullet; Werner; Drake 8. Lois; Finn; Hugo; Caesar; Cleo 9. Cicero; Cassius; Missy; Snookie; Zorba
1. Josey; Jersey; Deja; Snickers; Mark 2. Plum; Malcolm; Claudius; Cato; Brutus 3. Max; Tillie; Lance; Adalia; Adalia’s puppies Ansel, Adam, Alanis; Amanda; Anya; Arliss; Arnie 4. Travis; Tandy; Teresa and Tiffany; Minerva; Hadley 5. Millie; Teaberry; Fifi; Coffee; Marissa 6. Melly; Masha; Maruk; Marcus; Darla 7. Lobo; Tommy; Kimiko; Kimiko’s puppies Krista, Kiara, Kinta, Kirk, Kiowa, Kessie, and Kelton 8. Woody; Buzz; Lefferty, Labelle, Leighton, Liddy, and Lennon; Lion; Meigs, Macon, and Madison
1. Darwin; Suzuki; Meryl; Ellison 2. Beauty; Gino; Gina; Nolda; Gypsy 3. Mama Daisy; Pilar, Bianca, Caesar, Lizzi, and Ariana; Phyllis, Phaedra, and Philip; Phoebe; Brea and Bea Mia 4. Olive and Marty; Peanut and Frankie; Beeju and Brau; Bicki and Missy

Because of the efforts of our foster team and dedication of our foster families, we were able to schedule an early transport Thanksgiving week, giving our drivers and staff the opportunity to be with family and friends for the holiday.

1. Amy; Jillian; Kris; Waylon; Lois 2. Marcy; Ranger; Jorgie; Fanta; Bliss 3. Chablis and Cherelle; Chandler; Darcey; Rufus; Tippy 4. Randolph; Brodie; Baxter; Raleigh; Ripple 5. Tori; Demi; Gabriela; Barbie; Caramel 6. Jelly; Jabot; Janis; Sammy; Joanie 7. Jude; Jeanie; Jabber; Jujube; Jinks 8. Amayah; Kelso; Bayley; Betsy and Brandy; Krissy 9. Brady; Buffy; Carrie/Maggie; Hailey; Roula
1. Ebony; Mickey; Blayne; Bumper; Gingersnap 2. Miracle; Mandy; Misty; Absalom; Arabia 3. Acadia; Avena; Abalone; Aiken; Roxy 4. Landon; Chism; Magic and Moose; Tasha; Mario 5. Madeline; Madeline’s puppies Melody, Michael, Mauricio, and Marcus 6. Chata; Chata’s puppies Carl, Cuddles, and Cami; Santino 7. Sadie; Sadie’s puppies Scooter, Skipper, Scotty, Scooby, Skyler, and Skeeter; Peepa
1. Dolly; Dolly’s pups Albert, Blanche, Minnie, and Marge; Kate; Rock 2. Pongo; Joy; Serena; Ricky and Lucy; Dilly, Doodle; Snickers, and Roo 3. Thunder, Spirit, and Cyclone; Sable and Fern; Schwartz, Louie, and Nikki

There’s no way all the great milestones of November would have been possible without our partnerships with BARC and the out-of-state rescue groups who love our dogs and cats as much as we do; our volunteers, fosters, transporters, and donors; and our great veterinary partners. THANK YOU for all you do, and we hope to see you December 3 for our 3rd Anniversary Party!

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October Sun is Shining at RPM

October Sun Is Shining

Do you remember October? It seems like a long time ago to us, too. But thanks to you, for hundreds of animals, October was the beginning of their new lives. It’s when you let them know by donating, fostering, and transporting how much Houston’s homeless pets matter. Here are the fur kids of October who traveled.

We kicked off the month with our Wisconsin partner, who drove these pups–and that’s right, one pig!–to their new lives.

1. Kashmir; Francine; Grizzly; Chance; Donald; Brock 2. Ozcar; Piggy Smalls; Angel 3. Misty; Penny 4.Murray; Bowie; Nina; Sloane; Liberty; Faith

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado that day.

1. Guiness; Poncho; Abigail; Diamond; Delilah 2. Tanner; Thomas; Maribel; Charlie; Bear 3. Hughes; Lamar; Glenda; Glenn; Ivy 4. Bobbi Jo; Eleanor; Eleanor’s puppies Enzo, Effren, and Emmalyn; Nifty; Nettie 5. Max; Mindy and Maurice; Maureen; Muse; Buckley 6. May; Hardy; Athena; Dylissa; Bama 7. Geri; Mitch; Michael; Noodle; Norie 8. Pablo; Tyson; Rita; Dex; Nicholas 9. Norman; Sheba; Shiloh; Ellie; Cody
1. Dexter; Sebastian; Dallas; Pierce 2. Chiquita; Chaplin; Cheerio; Chelsea; Chastity 3. Foxy; Blade and Bessie; Banks; Lexi 4. Brinkley; Blanche; Bindi; Bumble; Sheila 5. Nugget; Mellie; Logan; Patty 6. Madge; Bandit; Minonou; Frosty, Milky, and Sandy Cherry; Mickey, Kelly, and Misty 7. Dakota; OJ and Mona; Ludwig, Bertha, Bouncy, and Cameo; Artemis, Iris, and Gaia

The following week, these jetsetters were up before dawn to catch a flight to Toronto!

1. Sunshine; Rico; Blondie 2. Carlo; Jenny; Igor 3. Storm; Honey; Maxie

Vansportation might be slower, but these dogs and cats were happy to board later that week.

1. Piglet; Scout; Tiberius; Esme; Jack 2. Bravo; Mandie; Hannah; Ressie; Lady 3. Mojo; Boston; Austin; Memphis; Oso 4. Frida; Henry; Jill; Maria; Royal 5. Daniel; Millie; Bruno; Kafka; Kizzie 6. Casper; Nala; Ned; Checkers; Chaz 7. Chelsea; Napa; Nora; Dustin; Gus
1. Yesinia; Talia; Tag; Tassel; Arthur 2. Ian; Simon; Fallon; Oakley; Cody 3. Courtney; Rocket; Skyleigh; Colby; Marie 4. Coby; Sotherby; Willow; Socrates; Rhett, Delilah, and Josslyn 5. Francine; Figgy, Issy, and ZIggy; Daphne; Dixon; Madonna and Lola 6. Dinah; Vince; Shirley; Rocco; Panda, Patches, Crystal, and Ladybug 7. Laverne; Pearl; Shadow

The great Wisconsin folks returned the following week for these lucky dogs.

1. Quinton; Beckham; Connor; Daisy; Pablo 2. Sparrow; Farrah; Farrah’s puppies Savannah, Scarlett, Callie, Champ, Bo, Hamilton, and Rosie; Chandi; Mischka 3. Daisy; Celine; Cici; Deanna; Deanna’s puppies Danielle, Dylan, Duffy, Darryl, Dalton, Dora, and Dooley 4. Beya; Moco; Mac; Bailey; Lena

These dogs and cats traveled to Colorado.

1. Ana; Chula; Ms. Leila Jean; Rapunzel; Flynn 2. Muneca; Lily; Shine; Shaggy; Bonny 3. Paloma; Paloma’s puppies Plato, Pia, Pollard, Putnam, Pete, Pricilla, Perkins, and Perez; Mary Beth; Ansa; Racer, Rupert, and Ruger 4. Jordan; Sarah; Mischief; Lil; Henry 5. Athens; Princess; Treasure; Benjamin; Albany 6. Mocca; Jack; Sally, Simon, Sherilyn, Sigourney, Santos, and Saxby; Reyna; Edward 7. Manny; Caylee; Harvey; Marlo; Missy 8. Piper; Domino; Case; Emerson; Lizzie 9. Nero; Stripes; Ashley; Atlas; Princess
1. Charo; Chip; Chile: Nola; Chip II 2. Chai; Laila; Dayton; Mandy; Jordan 3. Delilah; Eve; Cincy; Baby; Trigger 4. Louise; Ron; Rhoda and her puppies Royce, Rafu, Romy, Raina, and Reuben; Stella; Yoni 5. Harry; Perry; Audrey and Arby; Chance; Rory 6. Mickey; Clara; Jack; Alexandra; Suzie 7. Gwen; Ganan; Gilmore; Loma; Landers 8. Lowell; Lakoya; Lark; Lennox; Loraine 9. Lille; Molly and Willy; Lilac; Lida; Leon

And we finished off the month with this happy crew of cats and dogs.

1. Miley; Miley’s puppies Mercer, Morley, Macy, Maddie, Merilyn, Mungo, Monty, and Miller; Benny; Kain 2. Leo; Gus; Son; Sanders; Raffi 3. Owen, Opal, and Onyx; Lisa; Lexie; Maximus; Goofy 4. Oakley; Cairo; Buddy; Cabot; Minnie 5. Hunter; Tessa; Rudy; Bailey; Lillian 6. Geoffrey; Fresno; Hayley; Noni; Emma 7. Jasmine; Wiggles; Grayson; Rosalynn; Buddy 8. Matt; Blessing; Bentley; Peanut; Trixie 9. Casio; Joey; Vanna; Jake; Mike
1. Teffi; Tatyana; Tolstoy; Jonathan 2. Connie; Eva; Marvelous; Brooklyn; Ava 3. Penny; Oakley; Duke; Cammie; Casey 4. Connie; Barney; Elsa; Bambi; Caleb 5. Rylie; Nancy; Armstrong; Areli; Benjamin 6. Jonathan; Maia; Lenn; Dolce; Malaynie 7. Rhea and Zeus; Garth, Valetta, and Earl; Oliver and Willow; Oreo, Chip, and Cream; Cocoa, Almond, and Chocolate 8. Oliver and Philly; Renee and her five kittens; Ms. Kitty; Jimmy and Timmy

Thank you to all of you for all you do!

November’s photos are on the way!

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September Morn at RPM

September Morn

We love Thursday mornings and had an extra one in September to send more than six hundred dogs and cats (and one pig!) to their forever homes during the month. Here are those who left on our first transport of the month.

1. Pixie; Dixie; Rain; Raynee; Timmons 2. Milo; Olivia; Franky; Bridgette; Betsy 3. Becky Sue; Daisy; Boomer; Isla; Boris 4. Daliah; Sapphire; Sarden; Randa’s puppies Ramiro, Rayford, Ricker, Roger, Robyn, and Russa 5. Randa; Gwyneth; Mia; Samantha; Emmy Lou 6. Sallie; Sasil; Smity; Ginger; Bella 7. Ruthie; Raleigh; Roo; Ryva; Paine 8. Belle; Shadow; Lazlo; Buster; Davy 9. Gabriel; Missy; Candice; Montana; Jack Sprat
1. Pinky; Boone; Curtis; Darius 2. Dimity; Maycee; Bailey; Arabelle; Jake 3. Nancy; Bellina; Clara; Lorraine; Duncan 4. Hermosa; Max; Ceaser; Spike; Callie 5. Talbot; Lulo; Rena; Jade; Juliee 6. Jane; KitKat, Crunch, Snickers, Twix, and Mars; Beril; Brisbane; Zorro 7. Fan; Dumpty; Frankie, Philbert, Morty, and Penelope; Sarah; McLoud 8. Ramsey; Adam; Bonnie, Boo, and Lana

The second week of the month our Wisconsin partner joined us to take these beautiful dogs.

1. Tanya; Tasha; Maximus; Astro 2. Sasha; Dulce; Coco; Carlton 3. Cammie; Cassidy; Corbin; Cally; Tiger 4. Cassie; Sable; Sorrel; Max

It takes a lot of work to get all of RPM’s dogs and cats ready for travel, as our fosters well know. Recently to ensure the dogs’ good health, we have started administering third booster shots for some pups, and even second boosters for older dogs. We’re grateful that BARC has a booster clinic set up for your use. Along with the boosters we give at RPM’s clinic, this gives you lots of options for getting your dogs their shots so they can travel. Please open your booster emails and respond promptly if you will need an appointment time at our clinic. Those slots fill up fast! Once boostered and in good health, these are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado on our second transport of the month.

1. Lily; Brutus; Shayla; Stanley; Raleigh 2. Diedre; Dolby; Duchess; Lola; Nico 3. Mouse; Rose; Cassie; Bippa; Amity, Amos, and Anelle 4. Case; Winfield; Smokey; Scout; Muneca 5. Woody; Andy; Tundra; Scamp; Max 6. Zoey; Chloe; Sebastian; Pandora; Fergus 7. Pippa; Panda; Marcella; Trooper; Papaw 8. Prince; Murphy; Chrissy; Hershey; Aikens 9. Carolee; Makenna; Kate; Emily; Zia
1. Georgia; Bernell; Bracer; Gabriel; Francine 2. Piper; Persia; Shakira; Backer; Beaufort 3. Freckles; Freckles 2; Phoenix; Rocky; Russell 4. Zelda; Zelda’s puppies Zena, Zorah, Zandra, Zada, Zack, Ziggy, Zeke, Zane, and Zephyr; Petey; Frosty; Fetti 5. Fabi; Spike; Kemp; Balto; Kipper 6. Kam; Carter; Caleb; Edith Ann; Portia
1. Mike; Milo; May; Satellite; Taycee 2. Becky; Brenda; Baxter; Sarah; Caroline 3. Caroline’s puppies Lily, James, Potato, Daisy, Rudolph, Delphi, and Neville; Elizabeth; Edgar; Bloom, Nuzzles, Seashell, Daisy, Gleam, and Lilly 4. Mony; Melville; Jack and Jill; Mickey; Twyla 5. Mason; Matthew; Angel; Janice, Spock, Uhura, Sulu, and McCoy; Martina 6. Melissa; Weesie; Emma; Evan; Ennis 7. Shimmer; Edie; Dva, Tracer, Mercy, Pharrah, Sombra; Ezzie; Cleopatra

Recently several people have asked who names the dogs and cats in our program. Many are named at BARC, and many of our cat foster parents give names to the cats and kittens in their care. Because of the large number of dogs and puppies in our records inventory at one time (several hundred!), we have one RPM staffer who names any unnamed dogs. The goal is to avoid duplicate names on transport. Those mornings are so busy and everything moves quickly, and when our fosters and volunteers are trying to distinguish among four dogs named Max and three dogs named Brownie at the collar and sticker tables and on the vans, it’s easy to make errors. Though some of our dogs’ names may seem a little unconventional, their forever families are most likely going to give them new names. We appreciate our fosters for using the names in our records on transport day to avoid confusion.

1. Brooke; Frodo; Suzie; Sparrow; Spartan 2. Marla; Lover Boy; Emerson; Nancy’s puppies Nicolas, Natty, Norbert, and Nadeen 3. Nancy; Felix; Nadine; Holden; Ellie 4. Coco; Oliver; Gregory; Harper; Caruso 5. Nettie; Norie; Mariah; Heidi; Vivian 6. Felicia; Hubble; Kristina; Lawson; Gigi 7. Toby; Willie; Wynona; Dakota; Khloe 8. Katy Perra; Katy Perra’s puppies Kenley, Keefer, Karma, and Kessler 9. Tenille; Sarge; Ivan; Callie; Naomi
1. Nyela; Neely; Neci; Nash; Nathan 2. Cami; Axle; Chico; Bear; Nichelle 3. Nolan; Lisa; Freedom; Dolly; Mel 4. Skylar; Hailee; Helga and Halo; Hank; Harley 5. Dino; Joey; Janos, Hayden, and Kaydee; Beauty; Gabby 6. Gerald; Libby; Desi; Minnie; Jasper 7. Kylie; Jude; Dita; Nala; Jewels 8. Brighton; Bear; Pax; Jada; Odin 9. Santino; Davey, Dora, Dang, and Desiree; Mora; Dixie; Drake
1. Dyna; Trey; Destiny; Drew 2. Miles; Darth; Dee Dee; Koda 3. Moon; Serenity; Alley; Kyle

On the fourth transport day of the month, Wisconsin returned to pick up these dogs–and RPM’s first pig! Like the dogs who’ll be adopted into homes, Tiny Tater is going from being a stray on Houston’s streets to a good life where he’s cherished and comfortable. Thank you, Wisconsin!

1. Emoji; Etches; Eiffel; Damion; Jenny 2. Josh; Jasmine; Vivi’s puppies Becca, Kai, Enzo, Daliah, Elena, Kara, and Nadia; Vivi; Scotty 3. Austin; Citizen; Starla; Betsy; Tiny Tater the Pig

On that same day, the dogs and cats below traveled to Colorado. We are so grateful to our fosters for the time and energy they give to make sure everyone is healthy and ready to go. The drivers who give them their freedom rides out of BARC, the fosters and volunteers who get them to and from vetting appointments, and those who get them to the clinic on transport day mean there are a lot of wheels on the ground to make this happen even before the vans roll out of Houston. Speaking of our vans, it takes a lot to keep them maintained and in good running condition. You may have noticed that we’ve had to rent some vans while ours were being repaired throughout the last couple of months. We can always use donations to help keep the fleet in great condition. Thank you to our donors and to our drivers who work hard to keep everything running smoothly and the animals safe!

1. Corduroy; Elyse, Dorrie, and Birney; Gilbert; Addie; Addie’s puppies Ailee, Ashlin, Arlo, Anders, and Ames 2. Antonia; Samantha; Lola; Blythe; Ernie 3. Chip; Mike; Kristof; Selma; Lassie 4. Rain; Star; Windy; Storm; Comet 5. Sunshine; Suzzane; Oregon; Georgia; Patsy 6. Cordelia; Maverick; Sassy; Martha; Martha’s puppies Midas, Maeve, Mufasa, Mercury, Magnus, and Mars 7. Gibbon; Chevy; Rebel; Julia; Scooby 8. Delilah; Nela; Remmington; Treasure; Gamble 9. Hera; Jethro; Jilly; Gregory; Brandy
1. Bonnie; Mowgli; Piper; Taza; Glynda 2. Pop; Duke; Selena; Landon; Molly 3. Roxy; Bella; Radar and Rylie; Felicia; Miranda 4. Mason; Haddie; Honey; Charlyn; Zeke 5. Keely; Kiva; Taycee; Bernie; Kimara 6. Harry; Blake; Keesha; Bandit; Kadice 7. Bambi and Colby; Maxamillion; Mena and Sia; Fletcher; Sarie 8. Ariel and Bruno; Truffles and her kittens; Harley and Batman; Shallow and Mist; Mickey

The last transport of the month was a big one! Many of the dogs and cats had to clear some health hurdles to be ready to travel. Thank you for using BARC’s clinic and please remember that when you do, take your fosters’ kennel cards and make BARC aware that your fosters are part of RPM’s program. This helps BARC provide our medical team with health updates. We also appreciate that when you bring potentially sick fosters to RPM’s clinic, you take them through the back entrance. This keeps the front of our building free of germs and contamination so the healthy animals on transport day aren’t at risk.

1. Chester; Cherish; Genevieve; Sinbad; Velvet 2. Bobo; Layla; Pollywog; Glynis; Pattycake 3. Nico; Fleur; Finn and Ford; Pavarotti; Einstein 4. Jenny; Georgette; Darra; Oliver; Harper 5. Bowman; Zavior; Pete; Donnie; Peppermint 6. Damion; Marlene; Chino; Barbie; Bethy 7. Bobo; Juanita; Moose; Galleta; Earl 8. Easton; Edgar; Princess; Max; Isaac 9. Haven; Sandy; Rocky; Galahad; Rocket
1. Mikon; Dandie; Dayna; Doug; Davey 2. Lily; Coco; Sheena; Sheryl; Bandit 3. Cheyenne; Tabitha; Elizabeth; Lobo; Lizzy 4. Little Bit; Bodean; Lenzi; Lulu; Lorenzo 5. Laurel; Lynnie; Licorice; Rikki and Ryo; Lola 6. Regis; Rachel; Martlet; Loretta; Zany 7. Roz; Aiden; Josie; Annie; Evie 8. Justice; Sonny; Cher; Liberty Bell; Lucy
1. Pizazz; Poppyseed; Sachi; Tammy; Rocky 2. Nomi; Patches; Toby; Peaches; Petey 3. Nasya; Newell; Noko; Daisy; Beretta 4. Patrick; Mandy; Abbie, Emily, and Harold; Sticky; Midnight and Bliss 5. Tessa; Sassy; Mae, Mason, Miles, and Marley; Angeleyes, Dorothy, and Racey

There are a lot of moving parts in the relationships RPM has with BARC and our rescue partners. We keep our staff lean, and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we manage the locations and health concerns of hundreds of animals at one time. We try to be quickly responsive to your emails, texts, and social media messages and like you, we’re juggling our home lives (and sometimes sleep!) with our RPM responsibilities. There is no way our staff could do what we do without all of the volunteers who assist us, including our terrific foster parents, transporters, clinic volunteers, and transport day volunteers. Along with our donors and our vet partners, you manage miracles every day! Thank you!

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Roll Along Summer with RPM

Roll Along Summer

In the last days of summer, BARC was intaking record numbers of dogs and cats, and so many of our fosters were out of town, but we gave it our all and helped BARC achieve an almost 80 percent save rate. Here are some of the dogs and cats who were rescued and traveled the first week of August.

1. Shelby; Shadow; Sonic; Vincent; Pee Wee 2. Taylor; Dash; Waverly; Shipley; Redford 3. Mitch; Cinderella; Hope; Bristol; Sydney 4. Lincoln; Haley; Brady; Lucy; Ingrid 5. Irene; Iman; Tiara; Nubbin and Niblet; Lorena 6. Plato; Butch; Indira; Ivy; Inez 7. Sadie; Zeus; Zahara; Zippy; Conrad 8. Gemma; John; Dada; Darth; Gandalf 9. Gracie; Margeaux; Geo; Mia; Moose
1. Jet; Angela; Dundee; Dancey; Kipster 2. Kaitlyn; Bryn; Frankie; Curly; Patricia 3. Giselle; Gino; Yankee; Gary; Scarlett 4. Olga; Oswald; Kiki; Van; Greer 5. Gilroy; Quincy; Quill; Lucy; Kaylee 6. Jackie; Harriet; Dottie; Pam; Princess 7. Violet’s puppies Vivian, Vicky, Vera, Venetia, Vanna, Vogel, Vanessa, Virgil, and Vista; Violet; Misty, Merlin, and Mia; Cleo, Lee, and Levi

The second transport of August our Wisconsin partner traveled down to pick up this great bunch of dogs.

Here are the dogs and cats who traveled that same week to Colorado.

1. Sylvester; Dilly; Chloe; Jennilou; Beth 2. Joey; Rita; Fishy; Reba; Reinhart 3. Ryanna; Mallory; Donnie; Sperry and Selene; Hyacinth 4. Gianna; Charlie; Whiskers; Henry; Halo 5. Henry; Athena; Athena’s puppies Ariel, Aslan, Arwyn, and Amana; Smo; Jerry 6. Strawberry; Ying, Yang, and Thor; Buckley; Rebel; Howdy 7. Rikki; Rhona; Renay; Raquel; Brad 8. Tim; Keith; Faith; Lady; Siri 9. Paris; Pierson; Pearl; Bruce; Mike
1. Zed; Zarah; Tanzy; Zuzu; Harp 2. Bud; Killian; Zesta; Gus; Sasha 3. Joy; Zeke; Travis; Sorcha; Willa 4. Piper; Rocky; Stanley; Selma; Sita 5. Soloman; Hadley; Hadley’s puppies Harlow, Harley, Hera, Hilda, and Hamlet; Sweets, Spot, Love, and Rain Cloud 6. Paige and her kittens; Luke, Finn, and Jedi; Gloryvee, Glory Gata, and Gibbs; Gabby and her kittens; Karma, Grace, and Chance

Scorching temperatures and flash floods notwithstanding, we were able to get these great dogs and cats on the road the third week of August.

1. Bones; Dahlia; Hawthorne; Rukus; Sitka 2. Ricardo; Rebekah; Roma Hope; Gus; Sam 3. Ellis; Memphis; Drew; Brooks; Orlando 4. Evan; Becca; Monty; Molly; Earl 5. Manila; Macon; Rose; Rory; Clara 6. Clarissa; Casey; Marshall; Duke; Ash 7. Moe; Bonnie; Misty; Ash; Happy 8. Kayla; Joe; Leo; Annie; Olive 9. Clyde; Bonnie; Cailey; Abel; Sandy
1. Dennis and Michele; Carl and Brian; Yoty; Olaf; Raiford 2. Roman; Rio Vista; Robert Lee; Riverside; Rio Bravo 3. Rio Grande City; Rio Hondo; Oakley; Tessa; Daisy 4. Fletch; River Oaks; Robinson; Roanoke; Kara 5. Dudley; Daisy; Iris; Peachy; Berkley
1. Reena; Leonard; Lenore; Forest, Flora, and Fauna; Drake 2. Munich; Liz; Ghita; Ghita’s puppies Gwenda, Gurley, Gaspar, Gidget, and Gonzo 3. Kenley; Kiley; Kibbie and Kismet; Versace and Grayset; Rayada and her kittens 4. Athena and her kittens; Jaime, Jay, Jasmine, Jaylen, and Lexi; Luke, Goldie, George, Chewy, and Yoda; Cali; Greyston, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Julius, and OJ

Here are the beautiful dogs who traveled to Wisconsin the last week of the month. We really love this partnership.

1. Hester; Titan; Luna; Gem 2. Malone; Harris; Maggie; Shelbie 3. Tango; Demerys; Heather; Fresno

And finally, as August drew to a close, here are the dogs and cats who traveled to Colorado on our last transport of the month.

1. Diamond; Archie; Reggie; Ke Ke; Yenta 2. Yenta’s puppies Yancey, Yoki, Yoshi, Yule, Yolanda, Yazzie, Yogi, and Yumi; Handsome; Thomas 3. Jade; Cairo; Baron; Gordon; Binx 4. Reyna; Lily; Yasmine; Maggie; Squirtle 5. Pikachu; Eevee; Pollywag; Jigglypuff; Darling 6. Spot; Clarence; Hailey; Tucker; Cinn 7. Kristen; Luna; Susan; Susan’s puppies Sienna, Stevie, Shalyn, and Sonia 8. Avery; Drake; Max; Misty; Abel 9. Baby Girl; Blue Eyes; Bella; Peaches; Electra
1. Denver; Junior; Hurst; Princess; Max 2. Logan; Belinda; Peanut; Sheriff; Rudy 3. Chispa; Diana; Jojo; Ray; Lana 4. Nike; Holly; Zorro; Monica; Welby 5. Rafa; Peaches; Boyce; Mercedes and Mirage; Madison 6. Sandy; China; Sunshine, Bella, Snicker, and Mulan; Chula; Tor 7. Ticker; Tesla; Garner; Tempo; Trent 8. Terri; Yulo and Youlie; Pickle and Beast; Justin; Hunter

We can’t wait to see what fall will bring, knowing we’ll be able to keep this movement going thanks to our fantastic fundraising results in the Mickelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, and with the Best Friends Animal Society’s Stut Your Mutt event just around the corner. Thank you to all of our fosters, transporters, volunteers, donors, partners, and staff for all you do!

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Hot fun in the Summertime at RPM

Hot Fun in the Summertime

July is not only the month when we celebrated reaching our 15,000 Saved milestone, it’s also the month when these fantastic dogs and cats put in the miles to get to their forever homes. Starting with the first transport of the month, here are those who traveled.

1. Lavelle; Lavelle’s puppies Lafe, Lance, Luna, Luke, Livia, Lyssa, and Linda Lou; Shailo; Gallager; Carol 2. Bo; Joey; Rachel; Phoebe; Valerie 3. Valerie’s puppies Vanda, Vesta, Vicar, Valleen, Vincent, Vaughn, Vonnie, and Victor; Max; Jordan; Logan; Camille 4. Della and Drew; Ballerina; Christian; June; Bentley 5. Raynee; Whitney; Ricochet; Maya; Amadeus 6. Cara; Imogene; Adele; Cody; Sarah 7. Augustus; Riley; Farrah; Faizah; Fantine 8. Juliet; Darla; Diego; Akasha; Akasah’s puppies Anders, Anita, and Amelie 9. Wishbone; Olive; Tetris; Turbo; Toro
1. Allyson; Allyson’s puppies Alicia, Arleen, Ashley, and Anna May; Sandra 2. Kristy; Pride; Cherise; Rosie; Gil 3. Gus; Sammie and her kittens; Tai, Mai, Miso, and Yuki; Hans and Luke

We strive every July to remind our friends, volunteers, and fosters of two important safely issues. First, because of fireworks and crowds, in the US, July 4 is the day the highest number of animals go missing. And second, this is the time of year when pets left in vehicles can suffer severe illness and even death. In Houston, we’re accustomed to year-round high temperatures, but like other areas of the country, July is often the hottest month of the year. Leave your pets at home, inside, or if they’re outside, make sure they have shade and plenty of water. If you’re traveling with them in the car, please don’t leave them unattended. Temperatures inside a car can quickly reach 140 degrees F.

These dogs kept their cool when they traveled to Wisconsin the second week of July.

1. Sweetheart; Lobo; Chip; Bruno; Cole 2. Cooper; Faith; Dee-Dee; Scruffy; Chester 3. Moxie; Maddox; Awty’s puppies Paris, London, Italy, Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland, and Frankfurt (Awty skpped the photo table)

There were also some cool cats and dogs who went to Colorado that day.

1. Natasha; Matilda; Aliza; Alaric; Coolidge 2. Aubrey; Patton; Max; Rocky; Khloe 3. Khole’s puppies Kale, Ketzi, Kaspar, Kiwi, Kantu, and Kennedy; Tiger Lily; Hanya; Hesper 4. Dina; Rooney; Teddy; Charlie; Nevaeh 5. Millhouse; Adelaide; Sheena; Shawa; Ceasar 6. Regina; Hula, Hadley, and Hamlin; Mojo; Picasso; Monty 7. William and Heather; Pippin; Charlotte; Dixie, Donna, and Darcy; Dorothy 8. Tony; Demarco and Dodie; Monica and Chandler; Carlisle; Clemson 9. Teddy; Melly; Sookie; Frieda; Sera
1. Gilda; Gilda’s pups Gretel, Gwendy, Galey, and Gareth; Effie; Freidrich 2. Pinkerton; Mary Jane; Dallas; Snow and Larry; Elisha and Emmylou 3. Kelsey; Phyllis; Jenny; Joanie; Jessie 4. Allie; Dre; Valentino; Vuitton; Jamie 5. Judie; Galaxy; Gracia; Gilda; Sansa 6. Sansa’s puppies The Hulk, Khal Drogo, Jake, Ghost, June Bug, Ruger, Silverado, Princess Leia, Lily, Shadow, and Flash; Aurora; Kila; Lauren; Ian 7. Ingrid; Hollis; Arla; Ameryn; Aiden 8. Ashley; Amber; Atticus; Kemba; Kylie 9. Kaleb; Kady; Kai; Keenan; Kevin
1. Leyla; Leyla’s pups Lorena, Lester, Little Guy, and Lincoln 2. Leyla’s pups Lissa, Lafe, Lyle, and Lynndean; Cara 3. Coca; Tilly and her kittens; Lillian

When it’s summertime, the heat can slow us all down, but lethargy is still something to watch for in puppies. It can be a sign of illness, and it’s better to err on the side of caution. If your puppies’ energy levels seem low, it’s a good idea to let a medical professional look at them. Fortunately, these frisky dogs and cats were healthy and happy to travel on our third transport of the month.

1. Benjamin; Apollo; pups Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Happy, Snow White, Princess, Doc, and Sleepy; Porthos; Daphne 2. Argo; Waverly; Ladybug; Wiska; pups Athos, Aramis, Treville, and D’Artagnan 3. Hachie; Puck; Puzzle; Pantera; Trixie 4. Meadow; Marcy; Rosie; Reid; Deacon 5. Dove; Dorrie; Diana; Donovan; Dopey 6. Desi; Dorsey; Sherman; Saltillo; Latham 7. Lee; Anna-Sue; Paulie; Molly; Jupiter 8. Niagara; Bickel and Booker; Lani; Bugsy; Sarge 9. Reid; Weaver; Caleb; Papa; Marika
1. Ford; Forrest; Serapho; Sapphire; Fletcher 2. Mozart; Queeny; Sefton; Sadie; Shawna 3. Salome; Bracken; Duke; Juno; Jessie 4. Abby; Delaney; Fondu; Florida; Brissa 5. Belicia; Patience; Katie; Romeo; Omar 6. Destiny; Ginna; Flip; Sabrina; Jeffrey 7. Trisha; Captain; Jazzy; Daisy; Jimmy 8. Furby; Bodacious. Danita; Junebug; Linette 9. Magda. Eva; Zsa Zsa; Charity; Charlie
1. John Boy; Sage; Nola; Brizzy 2. Bruce; Jax; Jitty; Emily; Bonnie 3. Sedona; Chiquita; Jinx; Jasper; Presleigh 4.Naomi and her puppies Narda, Nea, Nellwyn, Nicole, Noli, Noor, Nando, Nels, Nino 5. Milly and her puppies Maisie, Moses, McLaren, Maffra, Maribo, Melinda, Mersey, and Morcella 6. Rowan and her kittens; Tiny and her kittens Figaro, Marshmellow, Alfredo, and Button; Dino; Eden

Senior pets are also susceptible to heat. Make sure their water bowls don’t tip over easily, keep their water fresh and cool, and make multiple bowls of water available inside and outside (in the shade) to be safe. Take walks with them during the cooler times of day, and remember that sand, asphalt, and concrete can be particularly hot on your pets’ feet. During the last week of the month, these dogs and cats appreciated air-conditioned comfort on their journey to Colorado.

1. Jude and Jake; Jondy and Jonas; Peter; Rosenberg; Patience 2. Freesia; Valerie; Millicent; Midge; Aurora 3. Robby; Ransom; Kate; George; Freya 4. Jasmine; Joker; Rosalee; Raychelle; Raider 5. Johnie; Dumbo; Star; Floyd; Trinket 6. Tessa; Maximo; Mary Kay; Rocco; Jethro 7. Denise; Dinah; Drexel; Evie; Woofie 8. Brimley; Foreman; Barry; Lillian; Liyah 9. Lola; Rhylie; Julius; Mr. Hudson; Blanche
1. Martin; Aaron; Lola; Taz; Tweety 2. Daffy; Buggs; Sylvester; Teneri; Tilly 3. Duke; Lucille; Justine; Jolly; Jubilee 4. Joyanna; Katie; Mystery; Misty; Jadyn and Jasper 5. Gemma; Alli, April, Donny, Mikey, and Molly; Danny; Dottie

These pups traveled to two rescue partners in Wisconsin that same day.

There aren’t enough words to express RPM’s appreciation for the great care you take of the foster dogs and cats who come through RPM to get to their forever homes. Thanks to all our fosters, transporters, donors, volunteers, rescue and vet partners, BARC staff, and RPM staff for all you do!

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