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Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Saving Pets Challenge Donations Matched!

Have you joined Team RPM in the 2016 Saving Pets Challenge yet? NOW is the time to do it! I just got word that all donations to Rescued Pets Movement’s Saving Pets Challenge from 12 pm CT today (7/9/2016) until 1:30 pm CT on Tuesday (7/12/2016) will not only be matched, but DOUBLED (up to $15,000). Guys, this is a serious donor who wants RPM to win the first mini-challenge. It does not matter to which team member the donation is made, ALL donations during this time period WILL BE DOUBLED. Please join our team and start fundraising, or really ramp up your fundraising!
To join our fundraising team, or to donate, go here:


Open post
Success Story Sunday- Roxy

Help Rescued Pets Movement Win the 2016 Saving Pets Challenge!


Dear Friends,

We’re super excited to let you know that Rescued Pets Movement is part of an amazing campaign called the Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition where organizations focused on reducing shelter euthanasia compete to raise the most money for their cause.

We’re looking for our supporters to give as much as they can so we can win the grand prize. And to help, each week, there are Bonus Challenges with opportunities to raise more and win extra cash for our cause. The first one starts right now! If we raise the most between July 5th at 12pm ET and July 12th at 1:59:59pm ET, we’ll receive a $10,000 donation. That extra $10,000 would be so huge for us.

We could really use your help to raise the most money and win this Bonus Challenge. Every donation makes all the difference so please visit our page and give what you can:

We have titled our team page as Rescued Pets Movement’s Campaign to Save 2,665 Death-Row Dogs & Cats! That is how many homeless pets RPM can save and transport to safety if we reach our $150,000 fundraising goal and win the $50,000 grand prize. The top raising organization will receive a $50,000 donation. Second through fifth place will also win large cash donations.

If you want to go a step farther and join our fundraising team, that would be even more amazing. Just visit the link above and click the “Fundraise for this Campaign” button to become a part of our team. Imagine the money we could raise together if you reached out to your network.

Thanks again.

Laura Carlock
Rescued Pets Movement

Thank you, Tad’s Toys!

At our last transport we were visited by Tiffany and Louis of Tad’s Toys, a local organization that collects donated toys and distributes them to local rescue organizations once a month. Tad’s Toys is named after Tad, a dog who was severely malnourished, hairless from manage, and all but left for dead. Thousands of people pulled together and donated clothes, food, treats, toys, and their love, attention, and prayers. Because of them, Tad is still here today. Although he didn’t know what to do with the toys at first, as his health improved he grew to appreciate the purpose and joy they gave him. Tad is still around today and has his own fan page here:

Tad’s Toys donated enough toys for the 120 dogs and 9 cats that traveled last Thursday, and left even more for us to give to future foster dogs and cats in our program. Thank you VERY much, Tad’s Toys! For more information about Tad’s Toys, please visit their Facebook page here: For more information about donating items to RPM, please visit our donation page here:

Saving Pets Challenge; It’s On!

Today is the day, and it all starts at 1 pm CST! It is The Saving Pets Challenge, and we are determined to win the $50,000 grand prize. But to do that, we need YOU! Please sign up RIGHT NOW to be a fundraiser to help us reach our $150,000 goal. The contest lasts just a month, and the competition is fierce, so we have to come out swinging. If you join our team to be a fundraiser and set a goal, your friends and colleagues are more likely to donate to your cause. So please go to right NOW, and click the “JOIN THE TEAM” button. Then at 1 pm CST today, the contest begins. Let’s do this! Anyone who signs up BEFORE 1 PM today get their choice of one of our new T-shirts! Go sign up now!

Things can only get better.

Click through to read an article by Katherine Driessen for the Houston Chronicle about improvements at BARC, their 80% save rate, and their partnership with RPM. Today we learned that RPM moved 114 cats and 481 dogs out of BARC for a total of 595 saved in April 2015. BARC finished April with a 72.5% live release rate this year! In April 2014 their live release was 64.7% and in 2013 it was 55.7%. Howard Jones was right; things can only get better!

At BARC, record low euthanization rate marks yearslong turnaround: Transformed BARC sees its focus swing from euthanasia to animal adoptions

Thank you.

To the Amazing Team of Volunteers, Fosters, Employees, and Board Members,

I am so deeply humbled by the turnout we had for the move into the Jack C. Alexander Clinic today. Everybody’s energy was positive, motivating, and totally inspiring. I am so honored to be a part of a group that cares so deeply not only for the animals but for the people who share the same passion. Thank you for your commitment. There is nothing like walking out of a room in total disarray only to come back through and have it look like A CLINIC! Thank you for bearing with me while I described things using only grunts and wild hand gestures, for making each other feel appreciated and supported, and most importantly for getting BACK in your cars and driving dogs to boarding, picking up fosters, and everything in between. Take pride in the work done today. I hope each of you comes to transport or back to volunteer and sees something in the building that you know you personally contributed to. I know I certainly will.

But my gratitude does not end with those who came out to help move.

To all our volunteers, donors, and fosters: thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do every single day. Giving up a Saturday morning to take photos of dogs, disrupting your entire schedule to foster a dog and take said dog to get boosters, check ups, and so on. Not a day goes by where I am not utterly impressed by the efforts each and every one of you put in to saving a life. Today we opened up numerous boxes of items off our wish list (which of course I have included) and was so grateful for the quality items that we will get to use in the Clinic. There are so many groups who will never have the kind of quality tools and equipment that we do to care of these animals.
To view our wishlist, please visit the following:

To the team that I have the honor to work with daily: thank you for your endless passion and drive. Thank you for wearing your hearts on your sleeve, be it crying or laughing. Thank you for all you do every day to make a difference in this city and in the lives of these animals. You turn A numbers into names and names into lifelong pets in warm, happy homes. You are amazing.

Finally, thank you to the RPM Board. I’m sure any number of us could go on about all that you do, but all I want to say is thank you for dreaming. Without the dream, none of us would be able to make the impact we do on this community and the homeless pet population. You are not just moving a needle up and down a scale of percentages. You are changing the way this city thinks and slowly but surely, saving them all.

Again, thank you.

Kiersten Thoma
Jack C. Alexander RPM Foster Clinic Manager

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