Success Story Sunday: Scarlet (formerly known as Gayle).

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At the end of March we moved Gayle to MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, one of our no-kill rescue partners in Denver, Colorado. She was adopted by a wonderful family and renamed Scarlet. Her adopter, Shannon, commented on this post on our website and said:

Hi, we recently adopted a dog that you transported to Colorado. You know her as Gayle. She is in a photo from March 27, 2014. We adopted her from a no kill shelter in Denver – The Maxfund. I want to tell you how happy we are with our new family member. She is very high energy and keeps us on our toes – especially our cat! She loves riding in the car and playing with Kong Air Balls and Kong rubber toys. She was also thrilled to discover that we have many squirrels and rabbits in the neighborhood to chase. In a few short days I have already increased my running speed in order to keep up with her! Our daughter loves to play fetch and other games with Scarlet in our backyard.

I emailed Shannon and asked her if she could send us some photos of Scarlet. Shannon sent me the following note shortly thereafter, along with the photos in this post:

I love what you are doing to try to find homes for so many dogs. We are lucky because Scarlet really wants to please us. She hasn’t had an accident in the house at all which I was expecting. She is well behaved in her crate and sleeps all night without a sound. She is quite a chewer so my daughter is getting a good education on keeping things put away and her bedroom door closed. My daughter picked her out at the shelter because Scarlet loves to play as much as my daughter does. Scarlet has a lovely personality and is trying very hard to learn the house rules–don’t chase the cat and don’t chew on anything but dog toys.

Success Story Saturday: Mary.

Today’s success story is about Mary, who was moved out of BARC at the end of 2013 and stayed with Houston foster mom, Heide. Mary was very timid and Heide said “When I had her, it took a while for her to come out of herself[…] I remember raking the lawn one day and she went running and hiding under the deck. She didn’t come back out until a while after I put the rake away. I’ve never had a dog afraid of a rake before. […] I feel so bad when she gets scared like that.” At the beginning of February Mary was transported to Colorado foster mom, Holly, who took care of her and helped us find the right home for her. Holly worked with a trainer on Mary’s trust issues and made great progress in rebuilding her confidence. At the beginning of May we received the following email and the above photo from Holly, after a long search for the perfect home for Mary:

Hi guys. Hannah just loves Mary and says she’s doing really well. She spends a lot of time with Hannah riding horses and playing with other dogs. Hannah works at a nursing home and Mary gets to ride along and see some of the patients there sometimes. She was very shy with me, but when my kids approached her, she warmed up and seemed to remember them. It was really sweet. She’s a great girl and she was so lucky to find such a great home! Seeing her made my day and hopefully will do the same for you.


Success Story Saturday: Dexter (formerly Aries)


Today’s Success Story Saturday is about Dexter. When he was an RPM dog his name was Aries. His foster mom, Lisa, described him as “a special boy. The love he has shown just confirms that a rescued soul is forever grateful. He is SO LOVING….he will climb up in your lap and lay there for hours…he likes to be close and those sweet floppy ears and eyes just melt our hearts.” Aries was moved to one of our rescue partners in Colorado and became Dexter. He was adopted by Megan, who sent Lisa the following message:

Aries (Recently renamed Dexter) is now living in Laramie, Wyoming. I met him on the Gondola in Telluride and fell instantly in love. He spent a week with me traveling around Colorado on my Spring Break. Now he has settled into life in Laramie. He loves taking several walks on the prairie everyday and he loved going to my ranch this weekend. He really loved the horses, and they liked him too!

We are working hard on obedience and will start a class in the summer. I’m hoping, with his mellow attitude and kind heart, he will one day become a therapy dog I can take into my classroom.

He still loves to snuggle, which I love! I’m pleased with how well we get along and by how quickly I’ve become his mom. Thanks for bringing him west!

Success Story Saturday: Claire (formerly Zara).

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Today’s success story was sent to me via Kiersten, our adoption cooordinator in Colorado. We think Kiersten is awesome. And so is the person who adopted Claire and sent Kiersten the following story!

Hi. Just wanted to let you know we talked to a trainer friend and things are going even better than expected, Zara (now Claire) is an awesome dog. She’s gaining confidence and we are resolving the nipping and housebreaking issues. She even offered to defend me the other night when I was approached by a man I think was up to no good. She met my grand daughters and did well other than stealing a piece of home made bread from one of them! Thank you!

Success Story Sunday: Aoife (formerly Ema).

Today’s success story comes from Jake, who adopted RPM dog Ema and changed her name to Aoife (pronounced ee-fa). Jake opened his heart and home to Aoife and we couldn’t be more glad that he did. She sounds like a very unique dog!

Above are most of the pictures I have of her. It’s hard to get pictures of Aoife because she’s a bit camera-shy. She has recently graduated out of her obedience training and is doing quite well. She loves the backyard and loves to run laps around it. She gets exercised 3 times a day to keep her energy level down. She definitely knows who “dad” is and won’t leave my side. Her favorite past-time is to throw the big rope toy for herself and go retrieve it. If anyone tries to throw it she just stares at it and won’t do anything. She is spoiled rotten, that’s for sure. She gets to sleep on the bed every night and lays on the recliner we have, whenever she wants. We have come to find out that she is one of the only dogs we know that HATES people food; she will spit it right out, no matter what it is.

Success Story Saturday: Madison (formerly Betty Boop)


One of our Colorado rescue partners wrote to tell us that they picked Betty up and delivered her to a foster/possible adopter home and reported that she “was the most broken dog Jeff or I had ever met…some horrible human had abused the life out of her.” Despite that, like us, they were convinced Betty Boop could bounce back and be a happy dog again. We were thrilled by the email from Betty’s adopter that our partner passed along to us. We agree that it’s a great statement for the resilience of the canine spirit:

This is Maddy (short for Madison, who was Betty) and I promise this is the very last time I will change her name! About thirty minutes ago, she had gotten up from the laundry room, with no coaxing or treats from me, and came over and laid down by my feet while I was doing dishes! I had to sit down and cry!

Last night was okay; I ended up carrying (she absolutely would not walk on the leash) her out back twice and once out front with no success.

We had one accident this AM which was absolutely my fault; a great success out back because of that accident; two and a half hours of alone time while I went to my appointment (no accidents while I was gone!); an incredibly successful second trip out back with some coaxing and treats (no carrying or leash trauma anymore) while Kris and Zach (they were most instrumental in this endeavor!) were here for dinner and she has been roaming on her own throughout the kitchen most of the evening. She finally worked her way over to where I was and laid down and then I got my first kiss. I’m sorry, but I just had to sit down next to her and have another cry. We are going to make it, I just know we are!

So I will call you all tomorrow and let you know how our evening goes. We hope you both have a great rest of the night and thank you so much for indulging me and for bringing me this sweet loving girl.
Lynda and Maddy/Betty/Brooklyn

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