Success Story Saturday: Archer (né Rusty)


We recently received this message about Rusty, an RPM dog who was adopted last month:

Hi. Just wanted to give you a quick update on Rusty. (we renamed him Archer–“Archie.”) He’s acclimating well! Thor (the Husky) finally decided to make friends with [Archie] after his initial bout of jealousy and the two of them play happily, pulling each other by the ears and scruff. Thor is very gentle with him, he seems to know that Archie needs to gain more weight and muscle. Archie is following me around a lot, he’s very curious about everything. He caught a sinus infection and has been sniffling a bit so we keep him warm and make sure he drinks lots of fluids, but it does not deter him from exploring the house and playing with the dogs. He’s very cuddly and tries to sleep in bed with us every night. Today was the first day he spent in his (humongous) crate and he did fine, no barking (maybe because the other dogs were locked in the room with him). Right now he is enjoying the sun on the couch, I have attached a picture. I love him lots (so does my fiancé) and we feel very lucky we get to be with him. I’ll keep you posted on his progress!

Thank you again for everything you did!

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