Success Story Saturday (on Monday): Cyrus (né Davy)

Oops. On Saturday I posted on Facebook about how we saved 112 dogs and 43 cats last week. Which is a total of 155 adoptable pets saved. A success story in itself, I was so excited about that information that I forgot to post Success Story Saturday. Here it is now! This story is about Cyrus–originally named Davy–a scared and timid dog who tested low positive for heartworms, but was adopted by Molly two days after he became an RPM adoption dog. We’re very glad to hear he’s thriving with Molly and is well loved!


[Cyrus] is GREAT! Honestly, I can’t believe how lucky I got, and how meant to be [adopting him] was. He’s amazing while I’m at work and so friendly to everything and everybody! We started obedience training a few weeks ago–and he’s STUBBORN when he’s at training, but at home, he’s great! I’ve started looking for houses with yards, because he needs a place to run around. You really were right; this breed is well behaved and easy to train.

The article I read on the RPM website that talks about not transporting heartworm positive dogs* just breaks my heart. Cy wouldn’t be mine if I had waited a couple of weeks! I truly hope this goes away. It’s ridiculous!

Thank you again for saving him. He was clearly meant to be mine! I took this picture of him in his favorite spot – enjoy!

Update 4/16: Molly posted the following on our Facebook page today.
Cy (success story Saturday on 4/7) graduated from kindergarten a couple of weeks ago!! Can’t get over how much I appreciate RPM for rescuing this amazing dog!!

*Ed. Note: She’s referring to A Response From RPM Regarding Recent Media Statements., March 3, 2014.

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