Success Story Saturday (on Sunday): Red.


Red had a big first day in his new home! We started off with a really long walk around the neighborhood. He was very interested in all the smells and other doggies that we saw. We also saw some kids practicing soccer and we had to stop and watch them for a long time. Then they all came over and pet him! He loved it!

After we went home we played with his new toys and worked on getting familiar with his crate. He is very good with relaxing in it when I’m in the room, but gets a little nervous whenever I leave. He has made a big improvement though and even goes in to play with his toys! I know he will think of it as his own room soon.

We took a looooong nap this afternoon, and then he helped me with chores. He is very eager to follow and let you know he’s there to help. We’ve already figured out where its ok to go to the bathroom, and already knows which apartment is ours! His doggie grandparents came to visit and he had a lot of fun showing off.

Red is such a great boy. He has already adjusted so well, just likes to know that you’re nearby. He is still learning though that the dog in the mirror
isn’t real.

Tomorrow we’re visiting his grandparents at their house and his doggie sister. Its going to be an exciting day!

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