Success Story Sunday: Aoife (formerly Ema).

Today’s success story comes from Jake, who adopted RPM dog Ema and changed her name to Aoife (pronounced ee-fa). Jake opened his heart and home to Aoife and we couldn’t be more glad that he did. She sounds like a very unique dog!

Above are most of the pictures I have of her. It’s hard to get pictures of Aoife because she’s a bit camera-shy. She has recently graduated out of her obedience training and is doing quite well. She loves the backyard and loves to run laps around it. She gets exercised 3 times a day to keep her energy level down. She definitely knows who “dad” is and won’t leave my side. Her favorite past-time is to throw the big rope toy for herself and go retrieve it. If anyone tries to throw it she just stares at it and won’t do anything. She is spoiled rotten, that’s for sure. She gets to sleep on the bed every night and lays on the recliner we have, whenever she wants. We have come to find out that she is one of the only dogs we know that HATES people food; she will spit it right out, no matter what it is.

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