Success Story Sunday – Basil

Oh what a difference a few months of love can make!! Last fall, Basil arrived at BARC in sad shape – he was extremely emaciated, weighing less than 30 pounds, and was battling a case of mange. RPM pulled him and sent him to one of our Colorado partners, and he’s hardly recognizable anymore! He happened across his forever family at the dog park and has since doubled in size. From his forever family:

“We met Basil while on a walk at Chatfield Dog Park and fell in love with him. He gradually grew and put on weight and now weighs a whopping 60 lbs and is very tall and sturdy. He brings much mischief and joy into our home and is a great doggy brother to our other adopted dog, Thor. Thank you so much for saving this dog and bringing him into our lives.”

We’re so happy that he found a loving family to nurture and help him grow into the dog that he is today!

BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
BARC Intake Photo vs. Now
Thor & Basil


(Originally published March 29, 2015)

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