Success Story Sunday: Hank

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Dear RPM,

Thought you might like a quick update on Hank.

We have been busy with lots of walks and adventures since Hank arrived. I took these photos after our hour long morning walk this morning. Hank is quite intrigued with the prairie dogs out here! He walks very well on a leash. We are working on “sit” but he really doesn’t seem interested in treats. We will have to find something else that interests him enough to aid in learning. As I write this he is snoozing by me in the office. He is such a happy boy.

Thanks again to you, all your volunteers, and the staff at Winrock Animal Hospital. It took a village to get Hank to us. We are so grateful.

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1 thought on “Success Story Sunday: Hank

  1. Judy Indest - June 7, 2014

    Thank you for all the archived photos and success stories of dogs we’ve rescued/fostered here in Houston. After crying at an appeal this morning showing photos of pups that were to be put down yesterday afternoon if no foster was found, and knowing I was only one person witnessing an avalanche of sadly doomed pup faces, I almost gave up. Then went to archives and read/saw Colorado forever homes, maybe I can continue a little longer.

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