Success Story Sunday – Turk

Turk was on one of the very first RPM transports, back in June 2013. The journey was difficult for our one lonely van, with delays due to illness, weather, and the awful Colorado wildfires of summer 2013. As always, it was worth the trouble. Everybody made it safely, and Turk went home with Bryan and Becca, who lovingly called him their “first child” when they picked him up. Well, Turk just turned two, and Bryan was nice enough to send us some updated photos! He has adjusted quite well to life in Colorado and he loves the snow, despite being born a southerner. He is part of the family and very much loved in his forever home. We’re so thrilled to see that Turk has grown into such a beautiful dog, and to hear updates like this from our earliest transports!

Turk 1 Turk 2

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